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How Committed Are You to Custody?

Just as a parent’s ability to foster a relationship between the child and the non-custodial parent is considered as a factor in custody (see our post “The Importance of Sharing”), the potential custodial parent’s own ability to maintain a stable, nurturing relationship with the child is also important. Oregon law considers a parent’s homemaking skills and enthusiasm for parenting, including…

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The Importance of Sharing: How Willingness to Maintain a Relationship Between the Child and the Other Parent Can Affect Custody

A custody decision is not solely about who might be better suited to caring for a child; a court also factors in a parent’s ability to maintain a child’s other relationships, including with his/her other parent. Oregon law encourages parents to continue sharing responsibilities and involvement in their child’s life if it is deemed to be in the child’s best…

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How Does Abuse Factor Into Custody?

While a court will not usually consider one factor, such as the child’s preference, to the exclusion of others when deciding custody in a divorce, there is a circumstance in which a single factor may be considered above all others: when one parent has committed abuse. (For a list of factors considered in determining custody, see our post: “Obtaining Custody…

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