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The Basics of Compensatory Spousal Support in Oregon

Determining the correct amount of spousal support is one of the most difficult tasks in family law. There is no pre-set formula or statutorily imposed calculation that determines the correct support amount. For this reason, the amount and duration of spousal support vaiers widely from case to case. There are several important factors that a
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Administrative Law Child Support Hearings

Parties with minor children can petition the State of Oregon to modify child support payments every three years, or anytime there is a “substantial change of circumstance”. ORS 25. 020 (8)(b)(B). A substantial change of circumstances typically means one of the parties experienced an increase or decrease in gross income, or there is a significant
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The Ins and Outs of a Prenuptial Agreement

Obtaining a prenuptial agreement can be one of the best financial decisions someone makes in their entire lifetime. A valid prenuptial agreement can protect virtually any asset. The following is a partial list of assets that a prenuptial can protect: 1. Equity in real property 2. Retirement accounts 3. Brokerage accounts 4. Future or present
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