Loren Thompson

The team at Thompson law handled my case with the highest competence and compassion and guided it through mediation to a compromise that everyone could live with. Loren’s expert legal knowledge and his genuine commitment to my case is a rare combination that really helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Thompson Law group gets my highest recommendation without reservation.

Loren Thompson is professional and compassionate. He advocated for me during the most difficult time in my life and was very patient/understanding with my emotions. He kept me focused on the most important factor, my children and also my financial outcome. I recommend Thompson Law Group.

Mr. Thompson’s kind and patient approach toward his client (my mother) was invaluable during a very challenging time. He is knowledgeable, efficient, and always available. He delivered on every one of his promises, and was a great pleasure to work with. We could not have asked for a better counsel, and we highly recommend Mr. Thompson.

During the course of my divorce I had the opportunity to work with Chelsea, Loren, and Sue. All 3 are incredibly knowledgeable, professional, ethical, and kind. I know very little about legal process and Thompson Law Group was always prompt and patient with answering my many questions and addressing my many concerns – never once was I made to feel that my questions/concerns weren’t valid. Thompson Law Group made the horrible experience of getting divorced much more tolerable. I highly recommend them!

Thompson Law Group has provided dedicated representation throughout this difficult process. They have consistently advanced my interests with expertise and passion. Thompson Law Group fought hard and preserved the relationship between me and my daughter. Without them, I do not know if I would be in my daughters life today.

Loren Thompson and his team are by far the best attorneys in the state. They made me feel safe and comfortable throughout the most grueling process of my life. They gave me back the strength that I had lost during years of abusive marriage. I will always be grateful and I cannot thank their team enough for their compassion, kindness and intelligence. I will recommend them to everyone I know.

Loren, I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on my behalf. I realize it is your job, but you do it with integrity. I feel an incredible lightness of being. A huge black cloud that has been hanging over my life has been lifted and it feels great. I am so blessed. Thanks again.

Loren, I would first like to thank you very much for helping me resolve my divorce. I am convinced that without your help I would still have this burden on my shoulders. From my family to yours. Thank you.

Chelsea Hickok

I’m writing this review and recommendation for Chelsea at Thompson Law Group because I am abundantly grateful for the final outcome of her work after a long and stressful divorce. I was awarded full legal custody and prime residential placement of my two young girls, one of which is 6 years old and the other 3. As a Father seeking full custody of my girls from a stay-at home primary caregiver mother, I was faced with the largest uphill battle of my life, as I experienced great bias in the courts that favor Mothers.

I came to Chelsea midway through my divorce, after having to discontinue my representation from my previous (highly recommended) attorney at [previous attorney] whom put me in a very poor situation with my temporary order due to clever “grey area” wording from my ex wife’s attorney that was not only overlooked by [previous attorney], but acknowledged & then confirmed as “the right move” when I expressed concern.

Chelsea took a personal interest in my case as we neared an extensive and thorough custody evaluation through Mark Harwood. I came to her pleading that she help me keep my girls safe from a Mother who had been diagnosed with PTSD, and severe alcoholism with a long history of verbal, psychological and physical abuse of myself and the children. There had been many previously documented events that required law enforcement intervention as I struggled to keep my family safe from an abusive Mother. I felt helpless as I had exhausted every legal avenue to ensure my children were protected, only to be met with little to no action from the courts.

Chelsea worked diligently to pick up the pieces that were left from my previous attorney and immediately established a firm stance with my ex-wife’s expensive and experienced attorney. Within a matter of a month Chelsea had reversed the playing field, by taking a proactive approach to our case. Given that my ex homeschooled our children, Chelsea requested a formal discovery of documents to prove viable homeschooling curriculums and proof of successful state testings. When they failed to provide documentation for both this and financial discovery, Chelsea petitioned the court to compel the delivery of the documents in which was awarded by the Judge.

Throughout the 4-5 month custody evaluation process, Chelsea offered incredibly valuable insight and advice toward the most appropriate ways to engage with our evaluator. At several turns, I had to rely on her expert judgement and guidance, since I was often fearful of my girls safety and emotionally overwhelmed at the legal obstacles we faced. Chelsea provided me sound guidance that kept me on the path of logic and reason. For example- she thoroughly prepped and educated me for my in-person interview that included the evaluator, myself, and my children at my home. The evaluation was extensive, as it included interviews with friends, family, DHS, and law enforcement. It also included an extensive psychological evaluation. It was this evaluation that eventually determined and awarded me full legal custody and prime residential parent.

During the final trial Chelsea expertly negotiated a very fair financial settlement that allowed room for me to re-establish a healthy living arrangement for my girls and included a child support ruling for my ex-wife to provide me child support in order to ensure the girls have financial stability moving forward.

Chelsea always maintained integrity in her dealings with my ex’s attorney. Chelsea was firm in her stance and faced head on numerous intimidation tactics. I highly encourage all parents going through complex divorces to retain Chelsea for the most fair and positive outcome possible. After interviewing over 6 attorneys, Chelsea was the one who prevailed victorious. My girls can now benefit from a consistent school schedule, are thriving within a safer,fair parenting schedule and my nerves can finally rest at ease that their future is bright and plentiful.