Document Drafting & Coaching Services

Not all clients can afford the cost of having an attorney represent them in all matters related to their family law issue. For these clients we offer document drafting and coaching help. Our attorneys routinely help people who are having difficulty drafting court documents and need an attorney to either review their work, or help them complete the required documents. Hiring an attorney to help with this process can eliminate potential errors in the paperwork, and highlight issues that you may be missing.

In the event that you have to go to court, but cannot hire an attorney to represent you at the actual court proceeding, we can help coach you so that you can an effective advocate for your rights. Our attorneys typically have a two hour consultation (or longer for more complicated issues) with our clients and help them prepare for the courtroom. This service is invaluable for people who are unfamiliar with litigation, judges and the general courtroom experience. We can advise you on how to talk with a judge, how to create opening and closing arguments, the manner in which to present evidence, and other related issues. Although it is preferable to have an attorney represent you in court, if you cannot afford that option then you should consider spending a few hours getting coached by one of our attorneys.