A Brief Overview of the Divorce Process

From start to finish, the divorce process typically takes anywhere from three to nine months. The State of Oregon will not allow a divorce to take less than three months as a matter of public policy. The state imposes the three moth rule in order to make sure you’re serious about going through with the divorce, and not just momentarily upset at each other. The three month rule, in effect, acts as a waiting period to ensure couples are serious about completing the divorce process.

While the divorce is in process you need to complete several things before the divorce can be finalized. First, both parties should (and in some cases must) go to mediation. Parties are encouraged to reach compromises on contested issues at mediation through the help of a full time neutral mediator.

Second, both parties must provide discovery to each other. Discovery allows both parties an opportunity to get a clear financial picture of the marital assets and debts. Broad discovery rights are afforded to both parties in order to gather all the information needed for a fair settlement.

Finally, if the parties have minor children, they must attend a parenting course before the case can be finalized. The length and cost of the class varies from county to county.

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