McGuire + Thompson Victory in the Court of Appeals

The Oregon Court of Appeals recently ruled in favor of overturning a decision given in October 2012, and the lawyers at McGuire + Thompson, LLC are happy to say that we had a hand in the outcome.

As the appeals court opinion describes (you can also find a short description of the case here), in this case, the wife sought a restraining order against her abusive husband while pregnant, and she chose to give the baby her own name when he was born. The couple was divorced and the mother was given custody, but a couple of months later, the father petitioned the court, and the judge ruled that the child should have his father’s name.

McGuire + Thompson, LLC supported the case against this ruling, which, as stated by the Oregon Court of Appeals, placed too much emphasis on factors outside of the child’s best interests. The court overturned the original ruling, and the boy kept his mother’s name.

As can be seen in this case, the road to establishing the right outcome can be a winding one. However, legal counsel and representation like that offered by McGuire + Thompson, LLC in SW Portland can help make sure the best interests of your family are upheld. For more information about our services, visit