The Basics of Compensatory Spousal Support in Oregon

Determining the correct amount of spousal support is one of the most difficult tasks in family law. There is no pre-set formula or statutorily imposed calculation that determines the correct support amount. For this reason, the amount and duration of spousal support vaiers widely from case to case.

There are several important factors that a judge considers before ordering spousal support. The following is a non-inclusive list highlighting some of the more prominent issues:

1. Calculation of the income discrepancy between the parties.

2. The level of contribution one party makes during marriage to the “education, training, vocational skills, career or earning capactiy of the other party.”

3. The age of the parties.

4. The education level of the parties.

5. The health of the parties.

The general goal of spousal support is to allow both parties to enjoy the same standard of living that they did during marriage. Oftentimes this is an impossibility simply because there isn’t enough money to go around. In most spousal support cases one party earns a significantly greater yearly income, and even though that income can comfortably support one household it is often a stretch for that money to cover two households.

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